Kidney and Hypertension Center

Who We Are

The Kidney and Hypertension Center is a single-specialty group of 33 physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses dedicated to delivering exceptional nephrology care to the Tristate region.

Caring for the Individual

We recognize that each patient is a person. And, we recognize that a medical diagnosis or disease can be a life-changing event. When we see a patient for the first visit, we dedicate a longer time period in order to understand your symptoms, your background, and your concerns. Based on our discussion, we then do our best to explain the disease, diagnostic options, treatment options, and prognosis.

As a sub-specialty of Internal Medicine, when patients are referred to see us, it usually means that your doctor suspects a disease process is present. The referral can cause some concern, and we hope that you will share these concerns with us, so that we can help you understand, cope, and manage your diagnosis. For many of the diseases that we see, lifestyle modifications are a necessary component of managing the disease process, and we will work with you to provide the resources necessary to make these lifestyle changes.

Bringing Experience to the Community

Combined, we bring to the community and to our patients more than 300 years of experience. While some diseases are common, each person brings a unique background or circumstances to that disease, and sometimes the "regular" treatment may not be the best treatment. In other cases, a disease may be rare or difficult to diagnose, and a fresh perspective may be needed to provide new insight. Our vast, collective experience serves as a resource for our physicians to access and provide each patient with the best medical care.

Furthermore, we have physicians in every major area of nephrology. We are actively involved throughout the kidney transplant process, perform procedures to correct and improve the vascular access of dialysis patients, participate in clinical research, care for acute and chronic dialysis patients, and treat patients in the hospital and outpatient setting. We aim to provide comprehensive nephrology care.

All of our physicians are Board Certified in Nephrology. You can rest assured that your doctor has passed a nationally recognized test, proving that he/she has a good understanding of the symptoms, diseases, and treatments related to the kidneys and high blood pressure.

Improving Patient Care and Safety

As part of its national health policy, the Department of Health and Human Services has advocated the use of an electronic medical records (EMR) to improve healthcare quality and patient safety. However, even before this recent push, The Kidney and Hypertension has used an EMR for more than two decades. Our original intent was to improve patient care and communication among all physicians participating in your care. In 2004, we made a significant upgrade to a new computer system. Although this was an upgrade in hardware and software, it was also an investment in our patients.

For our dialysis patients, we also saw a need to improve the care of their dialysis access. Before, when they needed a procedure done on their dialysis access or have a dialysis catheter placed, they would need to wait and be scheduled along with other non-dialysis patients at the hospital or some other facility. This delay sometimes resulted in hospitalizations, missed dialysis treatments, and sometimes progression to more serious complications. As nephrologists, we wanted better care for our patients and solved this problem by opening the Vascular Access Center. Now, patients can go to a facility designed to address their dialysis access issues promptly and with the care and understanding that these patients expect of their "lifeline."

Contributing to Medical Knowledge

We are proud to contribute to the training of Internal Medicine residents at The Christ Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital. We give lectures, mentor clinical research projects, and teach them during their rotation with us. While the training of these future physicians does add an additional responsibility to our workload, it provides us with an opportunity to give back to the medical community and improve the care of patients, many of whom we will never meet.

In Conclusion

We hope that this information provides you with a sense of who we are as a group. For more information about the individual physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses, we are developing their individual webpages and hope to have them available shortly. In the meantime, please contact one of our offices for more information.

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